The Pentecostals of Wilmington is rooted in loving God, loving our neighbors, and living our lives in a manner honoring the Lord. This is the best and only way we, as followers of Christ and good citizens, can fulfill our mission.


Letter From Our Pastor

The Pentecostals are a community church that is family oriented, with a vision of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ world wide.  We seek to offer a connection to Jesus Christ through His Word, our worship and fellowship.  We endeavor to embrace the lost, help those hurting, and show mercy and forgiveness to a lonely world.  Regardless of race and background, we greet you with an inclusive gospel of whosoever will, let him come.  You will not be criticized nor condemned, but called to a higher purpose in Christ Jesus.

How can you get involved?  For more information on classes, special ministries, please contact us by phone or email.  It would be an honor to consider you one of our will be the change you have been searching for!

Pastor & Mrs. Floyd Morris